Advantages of special textile materials

2023-02-27 14:32:37 浙江超仕达特纺有限公司

1. Good mechanical properties

Aramid cloth is a kind of flexible polymer, the breaking strength is higher than that of ordinary polyester, cotton, nylon, etc., the elongation is large, the feel is soft, and the spinnability is good. It can be produced into staple fibers and filaments of different fineness and length. It is woven into fabrics and non-woven fabrics in general textile machinery. After finishing, it meets the requirements of protective clothing in different fields.

2. Excellent flame retardant and heat resistance

The ultimate oxygen index (LOI) of aramid cloth is greater than 28, so it will not continue to burn when it leaves the flame.The flame-retardant properties of Newstar® Inter-position aramid are determined by its own chemical structure, so it is a permanent flame-retardant fiber that will not reduce or lose its flame-retardant properties due to use time and washing times.Newstar® Inter-position aramid has good thermal stability, can be used continuously at 205℃, and can still maintain high strength at high temperatures greater than 205℃.Newstar® Interstitial aramid has a high decomposition temperature, and it will not melt or melt droplets under high temperature conditions, and carbonization will only begin when the temperature is greater than 370℃.

3. Stable chemical properties

Aramid cloth has excellent resistance to most chemical substances, can withstand most high concentrations of inorganic acids, and has good alkali resistance at room temperature.

4. Radiation resistance

The radiation resistance of aramid cloth is very excellent.For example, under long-term irradiation of 1.2×10-2w/in2 ultraviolet light and 1.72×108rads of gamma rays, its intensity remains unchanged.

5. Durability

Aramid cloth has excellent friction resistance and chemical resistance. After 100 washes, the tear strength of the fabric processed with Newstar® inter-position Aramid can still reach more than 85% of the original strength.

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