Advantages of trampoline fabric

2023-02-27 14:32:37 浙江超仕达特纺有限公司

Trampoline mesh, also known as trampoline mesh.Jumping bed mesh is made of high-strength polyester silk fabric tightly intertwined, and the structure of the jumping bed mesh is stable. Stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, pigments, impact inhibitors and other additives are also added in the production process, making the fabric non-flammable, high-strength, weather-resistant and excellent geometric stability. The jumping bed mesh fabric has strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids.The bed-hopping mesh is woven from high-strength polyester silk fabric, which allows the fabric to withstand high pressure and tearing, and will not be easily deformed.After special treatment in the production process of bed-hopping mesh, the fabric has excellent mildew resistance, obvious water resistance, more waterproof than other polyester fabrics, good low temperature softness, high strength, strong tensile strength, relatively light and other characteristics.The position of every gap in the bed-hopping mesh fabric can keep the fabric dry through air circulation.The bed-hopping mesh fabric is coated with glue containing pvc to make its surface smoother and its waterproof performance is 100%.Fabrics are not only used on trampolines, but also widely used in automobile tarpaulin, train cover cloth, ship cover cloth, open-air cargo yard cover cloth, industrial and agricultural fields, etc.

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