How to solve common problems with trampoline mesh?

2024-06-07 11:31:14 Chaoshida Special Textile

Trampoline mesh is not only the "heart" of the trampoline, but also the "secret weapon" that determines how high and how far it can jump! But just like our bodies, this important component will also face various challenges due to the ravages of time and the torture of the external environment. However, don't worry, as long as we master the "antidote" to these problems, we can take care of our trampoline like a baby, so that it can always stay in the best condition, jump higher and laugh more happily!

Common Problems

1. Trampoline mesh is damaged

Problem Overview: The trampoline fabric may become "unrecognizable" after being "ruthlessly ravaged" by children or occasional minor incidents, with holes, cracks or wear.

Repair Tips:

How to deal with small flaws: For those inconspicuous small wounds and cracks, you can take out our "magic repair kit". This magical little package contains patches and super glue. Just follow the steps to stick the patches on the wound to make it rejuvenated.

Large-scale disaster response: When the damage is too large to be seen, the best solution is to completely replace the "tired" mesh. Remember to choose the same material and specifications as the original one, which not only ensures safety but also ensures perfect compatibility with the trampoline.


2. Loose trampoline mesh

Problem overview: As the use time increases, the mesh of the trampoline may lose its elasticity, which not only affects the fun of use, but also may pose a safety hazard.


Spring adjustment: The first task is to carefully check each spring to confirm that they are still tight and full of elasticity. If you find any loose or less elastic springs, repair or replace them immediately to ensure that every jump is energetic and safe.

Mesh replacement: If after inspection, it is found that the elasticity of the mesh itself can no longer be restored by simple adjustment, then in order to ensure the best user experience and safety standards, we strongly recommend replacing it with a new, highly elastic mesh to make every jump light and energetic again.

3. Wear on the edge of the mesh

Problem description: The constant friction between the edge of the mesh and the frame and springs will cause it to wear. But don’t worry, I have two awesome solutions!

Pad the edges: Add a layer of padding where the edges of the mesh meet the frame to effectively reduce friction between them, thereby extending the life of the mesh.

Regular inspections are key: Don’t forget to check the condition of the edges of the mesh frequently. If you find any signs of wear, you should repair it immediately to prevent small problems from turning into big problems.

4. The mesh is fading

Problem description: The trampoline mesh may fade due to long-term exposure to sunlight, which not only affects the appearance but also the strength of the material.


Use UV-resistant mesh: Choose mesh with UV protection to effectively delay fading.

Sun protection measures: When the trampoline is not in use, cover the trampoline with a waterproof sunshade to reduce direct sunlight.

5. The mesh is moldy

Problem description: Due to humid environment or rain, the mesh may mold, affecting the life and safety.


Keep it dry: Make sure it is quickly restored to dryness after each use and away from humid environments.

Regular cleaning: Don't forget to give the mesh a good cleaning regularly, scrub it gently with a mild detergent and a soft brush, and then let it dry in the sun.

Anti-mold treatment: To make the trampoline more durable, you might as well spray a layer of mildew inhibitor on the mesh to effectively prevent mold invasion.


Preventive measures

In addition to solving specific problems with the trampoline mesh, we can also take some preventive measures to reduce trouble.

Regular inspection and maintenance are important. You have to check the condition of the mesh, springs and frame frequently, and deal with any problems immediately.

Then, remember to use the trampoline correctly. Don't jump on it with excessive weight, and follow the instructions to be sure.

You also have to pay attention when you are not using it. Put the trampoline in a dry, sun-proof place, or cover it with a cover.


The importance of care and maintenance of the trampoline mesh, the core component of the trampoline, is self-evident! If we learn how to deal with those common problems, our trampoline can be used longer, and we can feel more at ease every time we jump on it. Being prepared ahead of time will not only reduce the chances of problems with the trampoline, but it will also make us feel safer while we’re having fun.

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